Cardiff Uni Kayakers - Our Sponsors

Cardiff Uni Kayakers are delighted to announce that we are sponsored by Canoe and Kayak Store this year.

Canoe and Kayak Store

The best place to get kayaking gear! With helpful staff on hand and a wide range of kayaking clothing and equipment, this is the place to go when you need to buy anything to do with kayaking.

They have a shop at Cardiff International Whitewater Centre (CIWW) in Cardiff Bay. The club runs regular trips to CIWW so you can buy the latest gear. We also have a discount day each year to help in buying the kit you need to stay warm and safe on the water!

They also have a wide range of demo boats and paddles available so you can try out loads of different kayaks before taking the plunge and purchasing your own.

Demo boats may be used for free during club trips to try a variety of boats before buying, however if you go down individually you will have to pay to demo.

Check out their products here!