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At Cardiff University Archery we cater to the casual archer or the highly competitive to come shoot for the enjoyment and for the social aspect. We aim to help everyone improve at their own pace while also remaining competitive with other clubs and beating the competition. We have coaches to offer advice and help in all aspects of archery.
Getting Key updates:
(2023/2024) Key updates will be on instagram and facebook. Our group chats are on instagram, there are posts on both facebook and instagram with instructions on how to join the group chats.

 Club kit:

Archery is a sport that can be carried out by someone of any physical ability, and we strive to be as inclusive as possible.
Please go to our facebook page for updates on socials, session times and competitions. 
Can I Join?
 We are still taking on experienced members, you must have completed a beginners course for this.
Beginners - we are at capacity. we may take on more later into the year before christmas.
We can facilitate all bow disciplines including recurve, compound, longbow, barebow and traditional (horsebow). We do not accept crossbow (unfortunately).
We don’t just ping arrows, the archery club lovingly arranges a variety of socials, from going to the pub after sessions to moderately wild nights out (not that wild). Don’t worry, there’s other stuff too- mini golf, bowling, archery tag, 3D archery and much more!
For those archers that want to push themselves, there are a variety of competitions available to compete in. Not only are they a great way to represent the university (and look great on your CV), they are also really good fun. Tournaments are open to all skill levels, having beginner categories for people who have never shot before, giving beginners the opportunity to place and win medals. When it comes to bigger tournaments, we compete in both BUCS indoors and outdoors, which gives a real chance for an archer to push themselves as they are against every archer in the country. Finally, the most enjoyable of all competitions- Varsity. A once yearly opportunity to terrorise Swansea. They might be a bigger club on paper, but it is a great opportunity for making friends and showing off our skills as archers in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere.
any competitions which require a small amount of people will have trials within the club to select the best archers.
We hope this is the club for you, and cannot wait to meet our new members!
varsity team will be selected from a competition within the club.
Membership and Refund Policy 
Membership is only available at the start of each semester. If you are an experienced archer, please message our facebook to enquire about joining at any point throughout the year. 
Refunds: Are not available after week 3. This is becuase we have paid for insurances which all members would have paid for. 


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