Do I have to have experience?

Absolutely not! Anybody can join from novice to professional. We provide a beginner's course for those who have never picked up a bow before.


Do you do competitons?

We compete in varsity, BUCS, SWWU, and a number of friendly interuniversity competitions. As a member, you are under no obligation to attend any compeitions during your time with us (although they are very fun)


What kind of bows can I shoot?

We current support barebow, recurve, compound and traditional (horsebow). During our beginner's course we are only able to teach barebow and recurve due to the lack of compound bows available to us. We can not facilitate crossbow


When and where are your sessions? 

OUr sessions are held in the Great Hall on the 1st floor of SU. We are currently sorting out our dates for sessions for the coming acedemic year (2021/2022), we will  have info on this soon!


What if I don't own a bow?

As a beginner, you are welcome to use our club bows for a year after your beginners course. However, we cannot guarantee this in your second year with us. We do frequently go on shop trips to Wales Archery so there's plenty of opportunities to get your own shiny new bow! We can also advise on buying second hand kit (please dont do this without talking to someone on the commitee first!).


Where can I buy club kit?

We now have an online shop with Joma on Total Teamwear here: