Who are we?

We are a group of Cardiff students keen on getting out of the urban jungle and exploring the great outdoors - through the medium of (freshwater) Wild Swimming. This is the first Uni Wild Swimming society in the country!

Twice or more a month we'll travel to a different spot in quest for the refreshing/cool waters of the UK. The Wet Dippers was born out of a love/hate relationship with the River Taff - although a pioneering first site, South Wales has much more to offer in terms of clean water and spectacular views.

What's in it for you?

Exclusive membership to a soon-to-be legendary society, unique to all others. You will get a regular opportunity to travel out to the lakes and rivers with us - this will usually involve a hike out to the swim site - followed by some pub grub and a beer over tales of the day's expedition. Gain knowledge of all the great dipping spots in South Wales and beyond! You'll meet other people keen for the wild side of the outdoors. You'll get awesome stash - robies, swimhats and more...


We welcome anybody who is keen to get outdoors! There is no obligation to swim on the expeditions – the Dry Dippers are aplenty, and are just as much a part of the society. Check out the Facebook and Instagram pages to find out more, or send one of the committee a message!

How has COVID-19 affected us?

All dips will adhere to current Welsh Government guidlines which (as of 23/02/2022) means:


-- Wearing a facemask on public transport.

-- Self-isolating if you have symptoms.


With the whole pandemic thing still going on, we've been working tirelessly with the SU to regain use of the minibus fleet. But worry not! As an eco-friendly society, we're big on car sharing and (covid-permitting) hope to get back on the dip liftshares ASAP, in addition to using the buses. Rather than have our car-less members miss out on dips we will be hosting 2+ DIPS a month this year:


-- 1 to an exotic car-only accessible location (e.g. Brecon Beacons or Gower) - liftshares encouraged!

-- At LEAST one more to a location accesible by public transport/cycling/walking (e.g. the Taff or Barry beaches).




-- Society membership

-- Signing our Swimming Ability Agreement (appears at the bottom of this page once you're a member)

-- Hardy attitude


Membership for 2021/22 will cost £3 for the whole year.

Dipper Love xoxo






  • Wet Dippers Wild Swimming Society Standard Membership£3.00

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  • LEGACY - Longsleeve (white) [S]£10.00
  • LEGACY - Longsleeve (white) [M]£10.00
  • LEGACY - Mug£11.00
  • LEGACY - Dippers X Pups Swim Costume [M]£20.00
  • LEGACY - Dippers X Pups Swim Costume [XL]£20.00
  • LEGACY - Grey Short Sleeve [S]£9.00
  • LEGACY - Grey Short Sleeve [M]£9.00
  • Classic Robie [S/M]£30.00
  • Classic Robie [M/L]£30.00
  • 'Wanderlust' Designer Robie [M/L]£35.00
  • 'Blue Leaf' Designer Robie [M/L]£35.00
  • Mountain short sleeve (white) [S]£13.00
  • Mountain short sleeve (white) [M]£13.00
  • Mountain short sleeve (white) [L]£13.00
  • Mountain short sleeve (white) [XL]£13.00
  • Waterfall hoodie (navy/white) [XS]£21.00
  • Waterfall hoodie (navy/white) [S]£21.00
  • Waterfall hoodie (navy/white) [M]£21.00
  • Waterfall hoodie (navy/white) [L]£21.00
  • Voluntary donation to Surfers Against Sewage£0.50