Welcome to The Wet Dippers 2020/21 stash catalouge!

  • Personalised Enamel Mug£7.00
  • LEGACY - Longsleeve (white) [S]£10.00
  • LEGACY - Longsleeve (white) [M]£10.00
  • LEGACY - Mug£11.00
  • LEGACY - Dippers X Pups Swim Costume [M]£20.00
  • LEGACY - Dippers X Pups Swim Costume [XL]£20.00
  • LEGACY - Grey Short Sleeve [S]£9.00
  • LEGACY - Grey Short Sleeve [M]£9.00
  • Classic Robie [S/M]£30.00
  • Classic Robie [M/L]£30.00
  • 'Wanderlust' Designer Robie [M/L]£35.00
  • 'Blue Leaf' Designer Robie [M/L]£35.00
  • Mountain short sleeve (white) [S]£13.00
  • Mountain short sleeve (white) [M]£13.00
  • Mountain short sleeve (white) [L]£13.00
  • Mountain short sleeve (white) [XL]£13.00
  • Waterfall hoodie (navy/white) [XS]£21.00
  • Waterfall hoodie (navy/white) [S]£21.00
  • Waterfall hoodie (navy/white) [M]£21.00
  • Waterfall hoodie (navy/white) [L]£21.00


2020/21 ROBIES! 

Robies are a must have for any dipper and 2020/21 are now available to preorder!

This time coming to you in three different varities:

     >> last years 'classic' for £30

     >> and two different designer editions (blue leaf and wanderlust) for £35

All robies are made of the same lightweight high qual fast drying material. Soft to the touch and unprecedented levels of style.

Both classic and designer robies will feature wet dipper embroidery

Classic robies available in [S/M] and [M/L] sizes. Designer robies only available in [M/L]

Sadly we cannot guarantee these will be available in time for christmas, but belated gifts are totally in fashion rn




Enamel Mug! - £7

Exciting news! We have the first of our stash ready to order. Camping enamel mugs are now for sale! They feature a cute little hand drawn dippers design and they’re the perfect size to pack for any dipping trip.

What’s more, each mug is dated and personalised with your name. Once you’ve ordered just drop Grace a message on FB if you’d like your name to be different to what’s on your SU account

Our first preorder period ends this Friday at 8pm so make sure to grab one just in time for Christmas






We have a hanful of items left over from previous years' stash just waiting to be worn!


Green Robie - £30

Dippers X Bristol Seal Pups Swim Costume [M/XL] - £20

White Longsleeve [S/M/L] - £10

Grey Sweater [S/M/L] - £15

Mug - £11

Grey Shortsleeve [S/M] - £9