Cardiff Citizens


Cardiff University Sikh Society are taking part in '10KStories'. 10KStories is a community listening campaign run by Citizens Wales, which aims to listen to the stories of the different communities in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. The campaign creates an alliance of local community organisations which can act together for social justice and the common good.

We are currently listening to the stories of our own members at the society and of the Sangat at Pearl Street Gurdwara Sahib.

We attended the Cardiff and Vale Citizens Founding Assembly on October 22nd to represent the stories of our society and Pearl Street Gurdwara Sahib.

If you would like to tell us your story or participate in community listening, please contact us at

Citizens for Sanctuary

Cardiff University Sikh Society support Citizens UK's campaign to secure justice for people fleeing persecution and rebuild public support for sanctuary.

The UK has a proud tradition of offering sanctuary to those fleeing persecution, but it is under threat. Citizens UK has seen the human cost of new measures that have been introduced, which compromise the dignity of the strangers in our midst. Tens of thousands are trapped in UN camps in the Middle East – yet the UK offers resettlement to only a handful each year. Refugees who get here find themselves cruelly separated from their families by a visa requirement to earn substantially more than the Living Wage. Those who are sent home face indefinite detention in the UK followed by removal techniques that involve pain, and in some tragic cases, injury and death.

  1. Care for the well-being of refugees, welcome them into our communities, encourage them integrate through participation in institutions, and exercise citizenship through our Citizens alliances;
  2. Enable the UK to play a bigger role in resettling refugees from UN camps by persuading local authorities to pledge to accommodate a quota in their area, and offer civil society support when refugees arrive.

(Citizens UK Manifesto, 2015)