Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society

The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society offers a fun and welcoming environment where fans of all kinds of media can come together to socialise and talk about film, literature, and games. Cardiff is the ideal location for any Sci-Fi or Fantasy fan with the countless filming locations for Doctor Who, His Dark Materials, and BBC Sherlock. Also, the cinema tickets here tend to be pretty cheap! We'll run lots of cinema trips to see all the latest releases.


We run a wide array of socials throughout the year. We run socials every week, such as Creative Writing, Movie Fights, Worldbuilding, or just a general hangout. We also have movie nights every Saturday, showing movies voted for by you!


We run some of our events online (hosted in our Discord Server), so don't worry if you can't always make it in person! Our monthly book club runs as one of our online events.


Annually, the nerdy societies of Cardiff compete in Nerd Varsity, a friendly competition event where teams from each society play in various events inspired by the participating societies. Events in the past have included a Lightsabre Tournament, Mario Kart Championship, Worldbuilding, a Quiz, and loads more!! Proceeds from Nerd Varsity are donated to the winning society's chosen charity. Our charity is Trans Aid Cymru!


The best place to join us is in our Discord Server, but check out our Instagram too if that's more your style!


Nerd Varsity - Miniature Painting
26th February 5pm - 9pm
Students' Union // The Lodge
Prove your painting skills are the best and compete to bring home painting awards for your society, such as "Best Novice Painter", "Most Lore Accurate", or "Most Colourful"!
Nerd Varsity - Boardgames Competition
27th February 11am - 7pm
Students' Union // Globe Room
Play a wide variety of boardgames to win points for your team! The tournament will feature all kinds of boardgames.
Nerd Varsity - RISK
29th February 5pm - 9pm
Students' Union // Y Plas
Guide your society to a strategic victory in a massive game of RISK! Vie for territory and troops as you wipe out the other teams and conquer the world!
Nerd Varsity - MarioKart Tournament
1st March 4pm - 5pm
Students' Union // Globe Room
Compete in hectic 4 player races and prove your society has the best drifters in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!
Nerd Varsity - Smash Bros Tournament
2nd March 11am - 5pm
Students' Union // Globe Room
Which society has the best Smashers? Find out in this 1v1 dual tournament bracket to see which society is the best at Smash Ultimate!
Nerd Varsity - Airsoft Capture the Flag
3rd March 9am - 9pm
Students' Union // Great Hall
Compete for your society in 5v5 airsoft battles! Race to be the first to capture your opponent's flag and bring it back to base, before the enemy team can take yours!
Nerd Varsity - Lightsaber Tournament
6th March 9am - 4pm
Students' Union // Great Hall
Using our prop lightsabers, duel to see who is worthy of becoming a Jedi Master in a 1v1 bracket tournament! We recommend wearing long sleeves for this event.
Nerd Varsity - Battle Robot Tournament
8th March 2pm - 6pm
Students' Union // 3C & 3D
Expertly pilot your society's battle-bot to knock your opponent out of the arena!
Nerd Varsity - Murder Mystery
9th March 10am - 5pm
Students' Union // Globe Room
Work together as a society to uncover secrets and solve a puzzling murder case!
Nerd Varsity - Cosplay Pre-Judging
10th March 11am - 1pm
Students' Union // The Lodge
If you're taking part in the Cosplay Competition at the finale, make sure you're here for this! This is your opportunity to tell our panel of judges all about the work you put in to make your cosplay!
Nerd Varsity - The Finale!
10th March noon - 10pm
Students' Union // Y Plas
The final event of the calendar, the finale contains many events, like the Cosplay Competition!!! We'll also be judging the Film Competition and Anime Dubbing competitions at the finale, before ending the night with the Finale Quiz!!!


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