Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society

The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Society offers a fun and welcoming environment where followers of all fandoms can come together to socialize, learn, and flaunt their passion for film, literature, and games. Cardiff is the ideal location for any Sci-Fi or Fantasy fan due to the countless filming locations for BBC’s Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Being Human. As well as this, Cardiff boasts some of the cheapest cinema prices in the country, so numerous cinema trips will be planned to see the latest and largest releases!

We’re proud to host a wide array of social events throughout the year. Meeting every Monday in the Main Building, where we watch classic and new TV shows, read fantasy books and comics, and discuss the latest entertainment news in a safe, all-inclusive setting. We also host regular movie nights, as well as going for ice-cream on a habitual basis.

We also have a strong relationship with other nerdy societies and collaborate frequently with Anime, CRIT, Gaming, Film, Quiz, and Harry Potter Society. Annually we 7 societies compete in NERD VARSITY, an Olympic style event where teams from each society play sports and games from our favourite films and books. There’s a Quidditch Tournament, Capture the Flag, and a Mario Kart Championship!!

Alternatively, for those interested in writing stories, essays, and reviews based on shows and books you love, then we have the Cardiff Sci-Fi & Fantasy Network, a platform where you can submit articles and short stories for members of the society and anybody else who enjoys reading fiction to have a look at.

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  • The Sci-Fi Ball Fri 7 Feb 2020 - General£0.00
  • Lightsabre Combat Training Tue 11 Feb 2020 - General£0.00
  • Sci-Fi and Fanstasy Introduction and Q&A! Tue 22 Sep 2020 - Give it a Go£0.00
  • Nerdy Quiz Night Extravaganza Mon 5 Oct 2020 - Give it a Go£0.00