Women in Law Society

We are founding this society in 2022 at Cardiff University to provide a platform for all women in law, both as citizens but also members of the legal profession. We noticed that there was a significant lack of support offered to women, specifically those from working class backgrounds. So, I decided to form this society to offer an inclusive and caring community hosting events to inspire, educate and help others build their network. The membership is not limited to female law students and comprises of a variety of degree subjects and genders, all with the common interest in promoting women in law. We offer low cost membership, priced at £2, to all students which allows us to be an accessible and open platform for all. CU Women in Law Society is proud to be a society for all those who identify as women and non-binary. We support all women and gender minorities in claiming their place in the legal industry. 

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  • Women in Law Society Standard Membership£2.00