MedSoc Merch

Cardiff MedSoc is proud to present our own line of Merchandise. See what we have to offer here!

How to order

To order, add all the product you'd like from the product list below

You will be asked what size, colour and customisations you'd like on checkout

For orders with delivery, please add the delivery option to the basket WITH your order. Purchasing delivery seperately from the rest of your order will not work and refunds are not guaranteed. In checkout it will ask for your delivery details, please use a reliable address (i.e home address), all packages will be shipped with Royal Mail.

Please have a read through the Merch Catalogue for further product information, pricing and sizing charts. Highly recommended before ordering!

For the catalogue click here

When you'll be getting your merch

Production and delivery will take up to a month, we hope to have an update for you with times and dates you can collect your order from the heath in late April/early May

MedSoc Affiliated Purchasers

This page is now open for buyers who are former medsoc members (having completed medicine here) or are affiliated members (C21NW). When buying please add the Non-Medsoc Buyer item to checkout. Furthermore, please add shipping to all your purchases if you are no longer in Cardiff. Medsoc will not be responsible for holding merchandise for collection otherwise. You will need a cardiff students account to purchase.

Order here! Order window closes April 21st!

Note there is no returns/refunds, for any issues please contact Medsoc