Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Baking Society? How Does it Work?

  Baking society is a group of people who like baked goods, bad puns and Mary Berry's sassy attitude.

Every week or two we have a social where we bring along something we have baked ourselves according to the theme that week (themes can be anything from 'traybakes' to 'bakes from space' - the latter resulting in anything from mars bar cakes to star shaped pizzas). When we get to the social we try eachothers bakes one by one and then vote for our favourites. The bakes with the most votes win special painted baking society spoons as well as the eternal bragging rights to go with them.

  • I don't feel confident in my baking ability, can I bake with my friends/flatmates/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/bandmates/lecturer?

Please do! Some people bring bakes they've made themselves and some people come as a team with one bake between them all. Anything is alright! Although usually we would prefer that teams are limited to fewer than maybe five or six people, or else we might run out of spoons if you win.

  •  I want to learn to bake, will you teach me?

Usually we just eat the bakes together in the society, we don't usua baking member mixing ingredients in a bowlally make the food together. However we have some special event throughout the year where we demonstrate how to make things like Welshcakes or how to decorate cupcakes. Look out for events like this if you are interested in learning skills.

Otherwise we would reccommend the best way to learn is by trying and practising! So try to make something and bring it along each week and you will be making amazing cakes in no time :)

  • I am too busy to bake/ the thing I made was a disaster, can I still come to the bake-off?
relevantDon't worry! You can still come to any bake-off even if you haven't made anything. Just bring £1 and you can still take part in all the voting, and most importantly tasting.

You can also come to the bake-offs if you aren't a member, so if you just want to try out the society at any point during the year you can turn up with £2 and a fork and just give it a go.

Come along with your friends at any point from September to May, check events or facebook for our next event.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

If you do decide to come, at any point in the year, that's wonderful! Here's a list of what you need:

  • £1 if you are not a member
  • £1 if you haven't baked that week
  • A bottle of water - you will get thirsty when trying the cakes
  • A fork - to eat with
  • Where do you hold events?

Event locations can vary, but most of our events are held in the Great Hall on the first floor or in the room 4J on the top floor of the Student's Union, Park Place.

However, you should always check our facebook page for more information.

  • Where can I find updates from you?

The best place to find information is by joining our facebook group:

Liking our facebook page:

Or checking the events section on this website:

We also have an instagram and a twitter which we post on from time to time:



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