Save a Society

To save a society, all you need is a list of at least 3 committee members (president, secretary and treasurer), a list of 20 interested members, a development plan and a risk assessment. Once you have these, email them to! Make sure you include the name of the society you would like to save ??


Looking to start a society but don't know where to start? Fear not - maybe you won't have to start from scratch! Below is a list of groups we're at risk of losing - could you be the one to save them? If any of the societies listed below sound like something you'd be interested in running, just email


Eisiau sefydlu cymdeithas ond dim syniad sut i ddechrau? Peidiwch a phoeni - efallai nad oes angen dechrau o'r dechrau. Dyma restr isod o gymdeithasau efallai y byddem yn colli cyn hir - allech chi eu harbed? Os ydy un neu fwy o'r cymdeithasau isod o ddiddordeb i chi neu os hoffech rol flaenllaw yn eu harwain, e-bostiwch


Afghan Society

Caledonian Society

Cardiff Breast Project

Cardiff Medics Yoga and Wellbeing Society

Cardiff University Darts Society

Cardiff University Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Society

Cardiff University Rheumatology Society

Casual Sports Society

Communist Society

Consultancy Society

Friends of Médecins sans Frontières

Greek and Cypriot Society 

Green Party Society

Gospel Choir Society

Haematology Society

Harry Potter Society 

Hidden Abilities Society

Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society

Indian Music Society

Journalism Society

Kenyan Society

Mature Students

MediCan Society

Music Production Society 

Nordic Society 

Post-Graduate Business Research Society

Pro Life Society


Skate Society

Somali Society

Student Orthopaedic Society

Tea Society

The Beatles Society

Welsh Hearts

Women Graduates