Society/SLS of the Month

Has your Society/SLS performed highly this month? Have they organised a successful event or developed their members effectively? Have they been engaged with other Societies/SLSs or the local community? Do you think they deserve a reward for the work they have achieved? If so, nominate them below for Society/SLS of the Month!

How do I nominate?

The process is the same every month. Nominations open for a week once a month, and you can click the button above to nominate your Society/SLS of choice. The Society/SLS of the Month will be announced the following week! Anyone can nominate a Society/SLS – whether you are a member, on the committee, or a student that has noticed the Society/SLS over the last month!

What do you get for being Society/SLS of the Month?

Winning Societies or Student Led Services will receive additional publicity across our Social Media platforms and will be included at the top of our Societies Homepage!

Past Societies of the Month

March 2023: FAD
February 2023: Marrow Society
January 2023: British Sign Language
December 2022: Ancient Hisory, Archaeology and Conservation Society
November 2022: Taylor Swift
October 2022: CoppaFeel

December 2019: Blank Verse
November 2019: MedSoc
Sept/Oct 2019: Medieval Re-enactment Society
April 2019: Society for Women Graduates
March 2019: Act One
February 2019: Latin American Society
January 2019: History Society
December 2018: Harry Potter Society
November 2018: Kenyan Society
September/October 2018: 30 Minute Society

April 2018: Psychology Society
March 2018: Erasmus Society
February 2018: Model United Nations Society
January 2018: Cardiff Student Psychiatry Society
December 2017: AIESEC
November 2017: Blank Verse
October 2017: Latin-American Students Society

April 2017: Amnesty International Society
March 2017: STAR - Student Action for Refugees
February 2017: Sports and Exercise Medicine Society
December 2016: Islamic Society
November 2016: Coppafeel!
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