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From time to time, everyone needs some help or support so don’t be afraid to reach out. The Students’ Union and University have a range of options available to you. We’ve compiled them here to help you find what you need and perhaps inspire you to take the next step.

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Student Advice

Cardiff University Support

Urgent Advice

You can find details of support available from the University on the intranet here

Students' Union Support

STUDENT ADVICE: Our Student Advice team are available to offer independent, impartial advice on a range of topics. You can also find lots of useful self-help resources and information over on their web pages including what to do if you’re feeling lonely, isolated or homesick, looking after your mental health and other health and wellbeing topics.

+44 (0)29 2078 1410

TALK IT OUT: Talk It Out is an active Student Led Service that focuses around combating loneliness, having open and empathic conversations and facilitating events to help to break down the barriers we have between each other. Students who ‘talk it out’ can lessen their loneliness, vent their frustration, and even receive encouragement to help them find their way forward.

MIND YOUR HEAD: Mind Your Head is another of our great Student Led Services, and they exist to challenge the stigma of mental health, ensuring students are getting appropriate support and providing peer support with their well-being activity.

BUDDY SCHEME: The Buddy Scheme is a student-led initiative that aims to make your time at university the best it can be. They aim to achieve this with our community of very engaged and dedicated Buddies who are happy to help in any way they can.

PREGNANCY: This webpage shares what options and services are available to Cardiff students that suspect or know they are pregnant.

ACADEMIC ISSUES: During your time at University, you may need advice about an academic issue. These pages provide information and guidance on academic issues that you may encounter while a student at Cardiff University.

PRIVATE HOUSING: Visit our housing pages to find a comprehensive guide to the ins-and-outs of securing housing or accommodation as a student, including advice on signing contracts and dealing with disputes. The Cardiff Student Lettings also exists as a letting agency owned and run by the Students Union, to see the latest properties available visit:

SUPPORT FOR DISABLED STUDENTS: All students with long-term physical or mental health conditions, specific learning difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions and sensory or physical impairments can access support through the University's Disability and Dyslexia Service

JOBS, WORK EXPERIENCE & SKILL DEVELOPMENT: One of our big aims is to help you become more employable during your time in Cardiff. We offer a range of courses in skills development, opportunities to volunteer in the community, and the chance to gain work experience while you study. Visit out Jobs and Skills pages to find out more.

LGBTQ+ STUDENT SUPPORT: This page provides information for students and prospective students who identify as LGBTQ+. On this page you can read about LGBTQ+ Halls, support for LGBTQ+ Students, and how to get involved with CU Pride or Enfys.

TRANS & NON-BINARY STUDENT SUPPORT: Transitioning can take many different forms and there is support available from the University and Students Union to help you with this. You may not even be sure if you want or need to transition, but you are still be welcome to access support to discuss any queries or needs around this topic. We understand that people can question their gender identity for many reasons, and they are all perfectly valid reasons for you to make contact.

Cardiff University Support

URGENT ADVICEFind out what to do if you need urgent advice, including what to do in an emergency, concerns about yourself or others, disclosing an experience of violence or abuse and other useful support.


INTRANET: To see the range of support available from the University to help you manage your emotional, mental and physical health, you can visit the student intranet. We've also summarised some of the services below: 

STUDENT CONNECT:  Student Connect service is your first point of contact if you need any support while you are studying at Cardiff University. You can call Student Connect on +44 (0)29 2251 8888, email or ask their chatbot questions 24/7 on the intranet

TALK CAMPUS: TalkCampus brings students who are going through the same struggles together. It provides an instant connection 24/7 with someone to talk to, to listen and to understand what you are going through. It's professionally moderated and is powered by a leading mental health support network TalkLife. Find out more about TalkCampus and how to access it.

CHAPLAINCY: The Chaplaincy provides a place for friendship, hospitality, reflection, prayer, support and dialogue, offering opportunities for you to engage socially and to explore faith and spirituality.

SELF-HELP RESOURCES: The University have a self-help resources and access pre-recorded wellbeing workshops, for information, advice and coping strategies that address common student challenges. These include: anxiety, depression, building resilience and stress, mindfulness, managing lifestyle, improving sleep, exam anxiety, relaxation techniques, facing the uncertainty of COVID, culture shock, and homesickness.

IT SUPPORT: University IT provides support to students and staff in getting the most from the IT services at Cardiff University. Due to current social distancing restrictions, the IT Clinic located on the second floor of the Students' Union in Y Plas is temporarily closed, but you can find out how to get support and what services are available on the intranet.