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Covid-19 Student Wellbeing

Hello everyone! Welcome to our Student Wellbeing webpage! As some of you may know, we were awarded £50K by Welsh Government (HEFCW) to help students and their wellbeing. We wanted to make sure that the content we provided reflected exactly what you all wanted, so we have based this whole website on student feedback! As everything is virtual at the moment, we have pulled together a wide range of virtual activities, guide by students, that you can all dip into!

We completely appreciate that wellbeing support is not a one size fits all fix, so there are all sorts of things on here! The activities and events can range from Yoga sessions, to sign language classes, to cook-alongs...and even some celebrities!

We are running these events on a rolling basis, so if you have any ideas of what else you’d like to see, please let us know on the Padlet below! We have the money to spend, so even if you want us to contact a well-known external speaker to do a session, please let us know!

All of these events are fully funded so are all free to you!

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Student Group Opportunities

The activities team have been in touch with group committees about funding opportunities available for clubs and societies to get involved! Student groups can apply for a chunk of the money, to run your own wellbeing events and/or events for the whole student population. This great opportunity to provide something exciting for members and the student population.

Let students see what you offer, and has the chance to better student experience!

If you’re a student group and want funding to put on virtual events for your members, head to the link below to outline your event idea.

Virtual Activity Fund Form

If you’re a student group or any individual student who has an event idea you want to put on to benefit all students, please let us know and head to the link below.

Wellbeing Sessions Form