FAQ 1: Before you arrive to Cardiff

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Where should I live in Cardiff?

First it is important to know the location of your school, so here is a Map with all the Cardiff University buildings and the areas. For most schools (not counting Health sciences) the recommended areas are Cathays, Roath and Riverside. Living in shared house or apartments (flats) is much more economical than living in Residences of the university. To find available rooms you can use the Web sites easyroomate or spareroom.   

What should I bring from clothes?

It is not necessary to bring everything from your home as Uni suggests since Cardiff has a lot of shops for all kind of budget. For more recommendations on this topic you can visit the following link.

  • Winter Coat (one that keeps you warm and dry in any weather, although you can also bring a raincoat separately)
  • Gloves, scarf and hat
  • Sports Shoes
  • Waterproof shoes
  • Trousers (Jeans)
  • Jerseys (sweaters) or hoodies.
  • A shirt, a blouse or an elegant dress, and elegant shoes.

How can I arrive to Cardiff Airport? (Link of the Uni)

Arriving to Cardiff is very simple and safe. There are 2 nearby airports (Cardiff and Bristol) but most international flights arrive in London from where it is possible to take a coach or train. In the next link there's more Information on behalf of the University to facilitate the transfer to Cardiff.


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