How to get a Diploma along with your Degree

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My journey

Two years ago, while studying for my PhD student at Cardiff Business School I was working as a Residence Life Assistant (RLA). It was during this time that I found out about the Diploma Programme run by the Skills Development Service. After attending the sessions, I could see a vast improvement in my leadership skills while undertaking my RLA role. I could apply techniques to understanding team structures and sometime even applying a different leadership style.

Interesting in Leadership?

If you are in any leadership role at Cardiff University, whether as a Student Rep or Society Committee Member, I strongly recommend applying for the Diploma of Professional Development (DPD) in Leadership.

Why should I apply?

  • The sessions are interactive and focused on reflection in groups rather than traditional lecture style or presentations. This makes them interesting.
  • The group articulation and reflection session prepares you for your graduate role.
  • It looks great on your CV and LinkedIn profile. Recruiters can see leadership attributes in applications which adds to your skills.
  • Lastly, there is a scheme to get additional accreditation from the Institute of Leadership and Management, once you complete your award.

Tips when undertaking your Diploma:

  • Record your hours as evidence in the pro forma as you progress through the course.
  • Take advantage of the drop-in sessions to ask any questions or get your pro forma checked.
  • Join with a friend and you can complete each step together. And celebrate together!!

Are you a PGR?

Postgraduate Researchers undertake a number of leadership roles within the University, be it supervising students or organising conferences. Why not use those hours to get a Diploma by the time you finish your degree? 

Make use of this lockdown period to finish the sessions and get your award. All the more reason to celebrate with friends once we are out of the social distancing.

This blog was written by Violina Sarma, who is a final year Postgraduate Research student in Cardiff School of Business. 


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