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We have rounded up the best vegan TikTok recipes for you to try this summer

Want to try eating more vegan recipes? Don’t know where to start? We can help!

Emily’s tips on looking for a Graduation job | Awgrymiadau Emily ar chwilio am swydd ar ôl graddio

Emily shares how she is searching for a Graduation job | Mae Emily yn rhannu sut mae hi'n chwilio am swydd ar ôl

Emily's guide to travelling on a budget! | Canllaw Emily i deithio ar gyllideb!

Emily shares her top money saving tips to help you travel this summer! | Mae Emily yn rhannu ei hawgrymiadau arbed arian gorau i'ch helpu i deithio'r haf hwn!

Why should I create a good CV?| Pam ddylwn i greu CV da?

It is the perfect way to show yourself off!| Mae'n ffordd berffaith i arddangos ein rhinweddau gorau!

Spring Cleaning

Now that the days are getting brighter it's a good time to have a bit of a tidy-up. Read our tips.

Eating Sustainably for Students

There are plenty of ways you can have a more sustainable and healthy diet without breaking the bank, and we’ve put some of the best options for people on a budget below.

Becoming a Sustainable Student | Dyfod yn Fyfyriwr Cynaliadwy

We’ve tried and tested the following simple tips for becoming a more sustainable student.

Festive food for a waste-free Christmas

Looking to cook up a storm this Christmas or wanting new ways to use up your leftovers?

What I've Learned About Homesickness

Read about Rebecca's ways to conquering feelings of loneliness, homesickness and how she knows she's never alone.

What I've Learned About Mental Health
World Mental Health Day

Charlotte gets personal about her mental health journey and what she has learned about it throughout the years.

Consent. It's Crucial. #ItsNotOn
Consent Campaign

Your VP Welfare, Charlotte Towlson introduces her new campaign: 'Consent. It's Crucial' and talks about the importance of sexual consent and her reasoning behind the campaign.

Being Trans and Disabled

Trigger warnings this article includes ableism and transphobia

Winning the minority bingo

Trigger warning: this blog discusses homosexuality in the Muslim Community

The race to find a gender

Read Luke’s personal account of how they came to grips with their gender

Rethinking LGBTQ+ History

Connor shares some fascinating facts about the LGBTQ+ community

Don’t Rush

Zac shares how joining the LGBTQ+ Community at Cardiff helped him discover himself