Talk It Out

Talk It Out

Talk It Out is an active listening service that offers a comfortable environment for students to speak about anything that is on their mind with a friendly listener without judgement or advice.

Talk It Out values attentive, empathetic listening in a confidential environment. Students who ‘talk it out’ can lessen their loneliness, vent their frustration, and even receive encouragement to help them find their way forward. Talk It Out listens to what a student has said and understands that it is serious, important, and true to them.

Members in Talk It Out are given the opportunity to attend training for active listening as well as other free opportunities that would enhance their ability to develop the SLS further.

Talk It Out aims to make students aware of the professional services available to them at University and the Student Union. The need for the ‘Talk it Out’ listening service is drawn by feedback gathered by the Student Advice department of the Students’ Union. Despite there being 32,000 students at Cardiff University, many students have noted feeling lonely at some time University – particularly in the first year.

Drop-in available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 16:00-17:30 in Student Advice. 

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