In an emergency, always speak to a member of security staff or dial 999.

STASH is one of our newest SLS’ and still in the development phase, but actively searching for new members who are committed to pragmatic harm reduction strategies, that are vital to protecting the student population from the negative effects of alcohol and substance use. STASH will provide links to external; organisations and charities, will update the student population on local drug alerts, and provide signposting advice to students struggling with alcohol or drug dependence.

STASH will also campaign to ensure that the Union and the University make sensible, evidenced based decisions when creating policy concerning the use of alcohol or drugs.

For general information on a range of substances, you can talk to frank. If you chose to take drugs, then the loop can provide some pragmatic advice on how to stay safe.

 You should also be aware of the Welsh Emerging Drugs and Identification of Novel Substances (WEDINOS) who offer free, confidential forensic testing of drugs, and collect data that can help inform other users too.

If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol use, then you can call Dan, the Wales Drug and Alcohol helpline, or speak to your pharmacist or GP.

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