Eat Well

Eat Well

Currently in the development stage.

Eat Well is a student-led service aimed at educating and helping students to make informed decisions on how to cook and eat well - alongside providing help to those struggling to adapt to having to make meals for themselves.

Eat Well is also aimed at providing tips and tricks on how to improve your student diet, by helping you find cheaper and healthier ways to cook. However, also understanding the vital effect that your diet can have on your mental and physical health, as well as academic ability.

The need for Eat Well has emerged from the growing struggles of students who find it difficult to cook for themselves, and often struggle with the financial burden of trying to eat healthily.

Students may not think that diet is all that important when the overarching body of "University" is present, but we beg to differ. We think that students deserve to know just how important eating well can be at university and we believe that you would benefit from a student-led service that understands and has been in the same position as yourself.

To do this Eat Well can provide a wide array of recipes, dietary recommendations, tips for healthier living, and countless other benefits we want to provide to students to make their university experiences the best it can be.

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