YUVA Indian Society

YUVA is a student society which seeks to emulate the diversity, richness and prestige of Indian culture. it acts as a platform for Indian students to celebrate their favourite festivals and for students from different cultures to learn more about india and its diversity.  

YUVA is a society of students, run by students, and solely for students. It is a non-profitable organization which aims to give the students what they want and what they like. At the same time, we also strive to do our bit for others. Thus, we seek to do some events every year to raise funds for donation and charity.

YUVA events are open to everyone regardless of the fact whether you're indian or not. The committee of YUVA believes in cultrual diversity, knowledge and unity and keeping this ideology in mind, we will be promoting and encouraging the various cultrual festivals of our fellow cultural/international societies as well. 

YUVA society has been among the top student societies in Cardiff since its formation, and has excelled by a great margin each year. We have won awards like 'Best Student Society' in the past, and 'Runners Up Society' during Go Global in the academic year 2010-2011 and 2012-2013. In the year 2013/2014, YUVA lifted the trophy for the Best Go Global performance as well as for Best Society Collaboration with 4 other societies, for FU5ION.

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