Indian Society

The Cardiff University Indian Society stands as a student-led organisation dedicated to showcasing the rich tapestry and esteemed heritage of Indian culture. Serving as a platform for Indian students to commemorate cherished festivals and for individuals of diverse backgrounds to gain deeper insights into India's cultural mosaic, our society is committed to fostering an inclusive and enlightening environment.

The Cardiff University Indian Society orchestrates a diverse array of events, ranging from grand celebrations like the Holi festival, which draws crowds of up to 500 attendees, to an assortment of engaging activities. These include everything from spirited bowling outings and competitive cricket matches to invigorating badminton tournaments, entertaining poker nights, and even cosy pyjama gatherings, among many others.

Our events extend a warm invitation to all, regardless of cultural background. The society's executive committee holds dear the values of cultural diversity, knowledge-sharing, and unity. In accordance with these principles, we actively promote and endorse the cultural festivities of our fellow international societies, while even occasionally collaborating with them for certain events.

Since its inception, our society has consistently ranked among the premier student organisations at Cardiff University, consistently surpassing previous achievements. Our accolades include the distinguished titles of 'Best Student Society' and 'Runners Up Society' at the Go Global awards for the academic years 2010-2011 and 2012-2013. Additionally, in the 2013/2014 academic year, we secured the trophy for the Best Go Global performance, as well as for Best Society Collaboration, in recognition of our outstanding work.

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