Wilderness and Expedition Medicine


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Wilderness and Expedition Medicine

What is WEMS?

The Wilderness and Expedition Society (WEMS) is open to all healthcare students.

We offer exciting and educational opportunities which are very different experiences to those in a lecture theatre; the aim being to equip our members with hands on, practical teaching in the treatment of medical emergencies in a remote setting.

This teaching is from older medical students, doctors and guest speakers, all of whom are highly enthusiastic.

What other activities do we do?

As well as teaching opportunities in the outdoors we also offer our members the chance to challenge themselves physically by taking part in our many events, including trips to Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia and local beaches for walking, camping, swimming and everything in between!

Within WEMS strong friendships have been formed across different courses and year groups. WEMS is a welcoming and friendly society and we believe in the value of practical outdoor education, self challenge and team effort.

If you are interested, come along to one of our events or weekends away and see for yourself what you can gain from WEMS!

Or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask at: cardiffwems@gmail.com


  • Pyrenees June payment£110.00
  • Pyrenees July payment£110.00
  • 3 Peaks drivers ticket£65.00
Summer Trip - Pyrenees 2019
4th-17th August
Get excited for the WEMS summer trip to the Pyrenees 2019!