Traffic DJ Society

is Cardiff University's

DJ & Underground Music Society.

Aptly named after the best Cymru-based cult film of the 90s – Human Traffic – Our society is proudly rooted in the Underground Cardiff Music & DJ Scene. From our very inception, we’ve been a community of DJs of all genres and all levels of ability, running weekly practice sessions, organising the best socials and bringing in opportunities that will exceed your expectations. Since the pandemic, Traffic has fit right in with the re-emergence of nightlife and our connections to local nightclubs, venues and promoters is extensive, so find out more about what we do below:


DJ Schools:

  • Every Friday (usually 5-7pm), we book out up to two studios at PIRATE Cardiff, dedicated rooms to genres and getting everyone who signs up in one place to enjoy mixing, learning techniques and sharing new music with each other. 

Socials / House Parties:

  • Regular socials occur within Traffic, boozy and non-boozy. We also band together whenever a house party opportunity arises to bring people’s parties up a notch and provide music. This is a great way to give DJs an opportunity to play live for the first time, before confidence is built and we can get them into proper gigs around Cardiff.

Gig Opportunities:

  • Since the pandemic, we’ve really grown with the re-emergence of nightlife and we’ve worked with the likes of Vaults, District, Clwb Ifor Bach (“Welsh Club” for all you English Fresher’s), Misfits, Gassy’s, Boom Bar and so many more… We bring in opportunities for a variety of genres and regularly run Traffic Takeovers (where we exclusively present a mix of our DJs for an entire night of entertainment). You’ll find a list of companies / venues that we’ve worked with…

Educational Materials:

  • We provide educational materials for all of our DJs, so that everyone has access to a pool of new tips and tricks. You cand find us on YouTube and Soundcloud for inspiration, and you can also check out our ‘Ultimate Guide to being a DJ’, where you’ll find an array of information on everything from fundamentals to mixing ideas.


  • Every year, we come up with new designs and ideas for classy merch. Clothing, USBs and Stickers are amongst the list…

Sharing Music:

  • At Traffic, we have an active Soundcloud account, where you’ll find likes, reposts and mixes that the current president writing this, perhaps biasedly, assures you are great recommendations. We share everything from great music to our own members’ works! There is also a culture of music sharing within the society that one can only understand by joining the society, so don’t hesitate. 

Charity Collaborations:

  • It’s something of a tradition within Traffic that we run charity events for great organisations. Not that it’s hard work by any means – We just do what we do best and perform to crowds of people who are happy to part ways with cash for a good cause and a good night.

Radio Shows (With Xpress Radio):

  • Thanks to a good relationship with the Uni Radio Society (Xpress Radio/), our DJs are regularly featured on University Radio Broadcasts, as well as having their show published on our Soundcloud afterwards. 

TV Appearances:

  • Not too long ago, we hosted a mini rave with Joe Lycett and Jamie Laing on Channel 4’s series ‘Got Your Back’. We might send Joe an email again sometime - it really depends on his mood because, if we catch him at the wrong time, he might just troll us and then exhibit his work on 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown, singlehandedly destroying our credibility, image and everything we worked so hard to build. He’s just that powerful :I

Who do we work with?

  • Move Together – Cardiff’s biggest events company, who also run INSIDE OUT Festival.
  • Dazed – Both their DnB and Disco labels
  • CYNT – Techno & Disco
  • PullUp - DnB
  • Canopy – DnB
  • NRG – DnB
  • Switch Up – UKG / Bassline / DnB

Venues We Work With and Play At:

  • Vaults
  • District
  • Carpe Noctem
  • Clwb Ifor Bach ("Welsh Club")
  • Misfits
  • Boom Bar
  • Gassy's
  • Jacob's Basement
  • Tramshed
  • Frontal-Lobe Warehouse

Festivals our DJs have played at through us:

  • INSIDE OUT (Cardiff's biggest festival)
  • NASS
  • Boomtown

.     .       

We work as hard as we can to get everyone out there on the scene because we believe that, at the very least, it’d be pretty cool if our DJs (who are all music lovers and creatives) can one day tell their kids that they used to play at clubs and festivals in Cardiff during their time at University. It matters that you enjoy these years, so join our society and be a part of our community. Love to you all –
Traffic DJ Society

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  • Traffic DJ Society Standard Membership£20.00