Tamil Society

Tamil Society. A society which is often described as a "home away from home". For those who have families and friends far away, it can often be daunting to come and study at Cardiff. However, this society provides a platform for many lifelong friendships. This society is not only aimed at those who speak the language (Tamil - which is spoken in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and many more) - it is a very diverse and multicultural society and suits people who want to learn more about the culture or just want to enjoy the variety of events with us!

From hosting our annual Ball to performing in the cultural show GoGlobal and taking part in the well known dance competitions like Showdown TamilSoc provides events which allows members to relax and enjoy their time at university. However, it's not just all fun and games - it also provides an opportunity to boost your CV, through charity events and various activities - which broaden your skills and talents that can be tailored to any profession!

All in all, come in with an open mind and give TamilSoc a try - you are bound to experience an unforgettable journey to take away with you when finishing your degree!

Don't hesitate to contact committee members if you have any questions!

TamilSoc :)

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