STAR - Student Action for Refugees

STAR - Student Action for Refugees

Welcome to Cardiff STARs page - thanks for looking us up! We hope you can find all the information you are looking for here, but if not, check out our facebook, instagram and web page.

What is STAR?

In a nutshell - STAR is a student network, running in over 50 universities spread across the whole of the UK, whose aim is to try and improve the lives of refugees and asylum seekers seeking a safer home here in the UK. We try to do this in a number of ways - by challenging preconceptions of refugees and asylum seekers, campaigning and volunteering.

What do we do here in Cardiff?

Weekly English Conversation club

The main activity Cardiff STAR run is the weekly drop in, held at the Trinity Centre on Newport Road, every WEDNESDAY from 5.30-7.30pm. Here we run conversational English classes for asylum seekers and refugees, as well as hanging out all together in a relaxed environment, enjoying a cup of tea and the occasional game of pool. Its a great place to help people practice English in a very informal environment as well as a chance to get to know asylum seekers and refugees who have come to Cardiff.

Refugee Rhythms

We also hold an annual Refugee Rhythms, the highlight of the STAR calendar, which is a celebration for STAR and the community we are a part of. We have local and international bands to perform, a feast of food from all over the world and hundreds of students, asylum seekers and refugees attend. Some years the event can be attended by over 500 people and we have previously won the Cardiff Univeristy award for 'Best Large Event''. We're always looking for a lot of people to help organise it so please get in touch if you'd like to be part of it.

SO much more

We also run various events, including: 

  • 31st of October is the Great Star Bake Off! Join us in the SU to celebrate STAR's 25th birthday and help raise money for all the great things STAR does.  
  • November TBC: film screening at Blue Honey
  • January: Live Below the Line. In January we'll be doing the challenge of living on a £1 a day for 5 days, which is the current UK poverty line.
  • March: Three Peaks challenge. In March we will be attempting the South Wales 3 peaks challenge, which is  BlorengeSugar Loaf and Skirrid.

...and much more to come! 

Do you have to be qualified in teaching English to start STAR?

Absolutely not! We are all students, many of whom have never taught English before. The aim of the classes is to give refugees and asylum seekers a chance to practice their English in a relaxed and informal setting. For that reason, our sessions are run as a conversation club and not heavily structured lessons so refugees and asylum seekers get the chance to talk and pratice their English freely. However we do run training sessions each term to give you a few tips and hints to help you along your way and there are two students overseeing the sessions each week, and putting together helpful resources and plans for topic based discussions, who can help at any point.

How can I get involved?

Check out our Facebook page - on there, we post any events coming up and the directions to drop in. There is normally a group of us walking down every Wednesday from the union to drop in around 5.30. So come along! 

STAR is such a great way to get involved in the local community - we really hope to see you soon!

Much STAR love,

The Committee 2019-2020


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