What's going on?

We're excited to ogranise plenty of events for you guys this year, so please keep checking back the calendar for more information! We will also advertise on our Facebook and Instagram pages details about upcoming events.

The types of events we hold are Night socials, these include more relaxed pub events such as quiz nights, but also we arrange club nights and other party socials. We also offer Lunch socials, these socials are more relaxed, fit around studies and usually involve getting good food, chatting and sometimes have a specific focus such as meeting with students currently undergoing placement for all those who may be interested. We will also be offering evening socials that will be more relaxed and include things like boardgame nights and talks. 

We will also be holing both a winter and summer ball, of the back of the success of our summer ball last year. 


We can't wait to tell you more about these events as and when we can! We can't wait to see you. 


Upcoming Events... 

We are on Summer Break! Enjoy yourselves and stay safe, we will see you back for Welcome Week in the week starting 25th September for a brilliant freshers week!