Socialist Students Society

Socialist Students is a left-wing, anti-austerity organisation that is deeply opposed to the present right-wing government. As socialists we believe that a different kind of society is possible in which the principle of ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their need’ (Karl Marx) is realised. We strongly disagree with the current Capitalist system which is based on greed and where the 1% exploits the 99%.

The Socialist Students society organises, joins and supports many protests, marches and strike action. In the past we have attended anti-austerity demonstrations in London numbering up to 250,000 and marches for free education with around 10,000 others. On a local level, the society is also involved in protests and campaigns against local cuts, and for better quality of housing and services. We have campaigned on topics including ‘Reclaim the Night’ and Cardiff Against the Bedroom Tax. Through our links to the Socialist Party we also have international links as part of the international organisation: Committee for a Workers’ International. As a result of this we have come out in support of our comrades across the world, showing solidarity in times of hardship. For example we have held solidarity demonstrations in support of workers’ strikes in Greece and Spain.

The society holds weekly meetings to discuss the Socialist perspective on current issues and allows for political debate and discussion. If you are passionate about social change and the eradication of inequality then this is the society for you! Come along to a meeting and find out more!  

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