Skate Society

Welcome to Cardiff Skate Society, the official Cardiff University society for skateboarding!

Our aim is to provide a skateboarding society which welcomes people with all levels of experience in skateboarding, from absolute beginners to skateboarding pros! We plan to help people expand their interest in skateboarding as well as provide a group in which they can meet other passionate skaters. We also aim to create a positive and encouraging atmosphere to help learners starting out skateboarding, as it can be very difficult at first! We hope that by creating a society that is supportive of all skaters, offering constructive advice and tips for learning, we can expand Cardiff’s skate scene and help people discover their talents in skateboarding.

Members of the society are not required to skate or have any prior experience of skating – this society will serve as a place that they can share their interest in skateboarding with like-minded people and explore their passion for skateboarding. We hope you come shred with us sometime!

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