Show Choir

Society of the Year 2021!


Masters of Show Choir Runner's Up: 2019 & 2020


Gold Tier Society, 2017-2021

Platinum Tier Society 2021-2022

Love performing and singing? Come join Cardiff University's Show Choir! 


We currently have two inclusive mixed performing Show Choir groups, Côrus (non-auditioned, non-competitive), and Synergy (auditioned competition group). Both groups perform songs from a wide range of music genres, including pop, musical theatre, rock, and more! You'll find something you'll enjoy with us :)


We look forward to meeting you this year! 

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  • Show Choir Standard Membership£12.00
  • Show Choire Semester 2 Membership£8.00


  • Show Choir Sticker£0.99
  • Show Choir Badge£2.00
  • Show Choir Tote Bag£7.00