Chinese Society

Cardiff University Chinese Society(CUCS) is the sole cultural club dedicated mainly to students and scholars from Mainland China. Currently, it has involved into one of the most influential non-profit and non-membership student communities at Cardiff University, which consists thousands of Chinese students.

CUCS aims to provide Chinese students with useful assistance to help them quickly adapt to the new learning and the living environment, as well as organize a variety of a amazing events to enhence their overall experience both on and off-campus. Visioning itself as a progresive student community, not only does CUCS seek to increase recognition within the university, but also to amplify broader influence through actively undertaking its social responsibilities. Nonetheless, as an inheritor of Chinese culture, CUCS is committed to make the world aware of the richness and uniqueness of the thriving Chinese cultural heritage and innovation by fostering better cultural connection, interaction and exchange with students from other countries.

For more details, please follow our Wechat Official Account: cucs_official

Moreover, we set up a dance club - DF Dance Club:

DF Dance Club, established in 2022, is an energetic dance society. We represent a variety of dance styles, from hip-hop to modern to pop, and we are proud of our diversity. Our mission is to express ourselves through dance and promote diverse dance styles. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, DF Dance Club welcomes you!

DF Dance Club holds club activities once or twice a week, every Monday 15:30-17:00 every Tuesday 15:30-17:00, which are taught by our excellent teach team in turn.  The weekly course information and registration methods will be updated on DF's official WeChat group and DF's Instagram account, so don't miss it!  Hurry follow us and sit with us, join us and rejoice with excitement!

DF Dance Club, there are no complicated rules here, only music, passion and endless possibilities for improvement await you!  Why not come and join our big family and dance for our youth together?   💃

For more details, please follow the Instagram Official Account: d.f_danceatyourfirst

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  • Chinese Society Standard Membership£0.00


  • DF Dance Club - Membership (per semester)£15.00
  • DF Dance Club (Monday) - General (per class)£2.00
  • DF Dance Club (Tuesday) - General (per class)£2.00

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