SAWSA - Architecture Society

SAWSA - Architecture Society

Welcome to SAWSA! The Student Association at the Welsh School of Architecture. SAWSA is a broad and exciting student community for WSA's Architecture degree students, yet Cardiff uni students from any other degree are also welcome to join our society -whether you're studying city planning, engineering, geography or you're a graduate or undergraduate who simply loves design-, we want you in our SAWSA family!


SAWSA' committee for 2019-20 will be organizing exciting and interesting events that will allow you to meet students with your same interests and attend to exclusive socials open to both members and non-members. From lecture series from architects and other design-based professionals to creative classes such as life drawing, sketching sessions around the city of Cardiff, and day group trips to nearby cities and more natural locations.


The association also runs a variety of socials, including the major Summer Ball -as a celebration of the end of the year- the Winter Ball and many other get-togethers in the park, like picnics and BBQs and -of course- house-parties hosted by our committee members. This year we are excited to announce that we'll be organizing Pizza and Movie nights in uni, that we're sure will be nice breaks for those stressful weeks to help you disconnect and chill with friends.


SAWSA is a multicultural community of friends that allows students to spend time together, share architectural and design knowledge and support each other with their design work.


We are a student-run association and therefore ensure that we'll work to make our architecture peers and ant other SAWSA member' university experience extraordinary!

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