Russian Speaking Society

The CU Russian Speaking Society was established in October 2018 and gives an opportunity for all students to learn something new about Russian mentality, language, traditions, and more broadly, about culture of Russian-speaking countries.

This society is open to all students who are interested in Russia and Russian-speaking countries, their culture and language; you do not need to be Russian to join us! We are a young society and we hope to grow throughout this year organising various events (from movie nights to Russian homemade cuisine tasting sessions). We are going to introduce you to our traditions and celebrations (e.g. Old New Year, International Women’s day,  Maslenitsa and many more!) that have been passed from generations to generations.

Uniting over 180 ethnic groups and boasting more than 1,100 year-long history and contributions to world art and science, Russia definitely has something for everyone! Still thinking about becoming a member? Simply come to our next event!

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  • Russian Speaking Society Standard Membership£2.00