Quiz Society

Are you a member of the “Quizzie Rascals” pub quiz team at your local? Or are you a solo quizzer through and through? Whatever your preferred quiz type, or quiz related pun, we have something for you at the Quiz Society! We meet weekly to compete in pub quizzes all over Cardiff and we meet at the SU weekly to run or write our own quizzes. So, whether you are an aspiring quizzer or see yourself as more of a quizmaster (maybe even the next Paxman?) then you have found your home at Cardiff University!

If a casual pub quiz is more your style, we have you covered too! We run our own society quizzes in the SU (sometimes themed, sometimes legally distinct versions of your favourite quiz shows on TV) as well as collaborate with loads of other societies from Real Ale and Cider to Sci Fi and Fantasy. The Quiz Society is a fantastic way to get to know people from all sorts of places.

If you have any questions and would like to learn more, email us: QuizSociety@cardiff.ac.uk. 

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  • Quiz Society Standard Membership£1.00