Poker Society

A relaxed society that welcomes current and budding poker players of all abilities. We have weekly tournaments and regular casino trips. Each year all newcomers end up becoming very good friends with the oldies and instead of being your standard intense casino-esq poker game our weekly tournaments are good fun.

Weekly Tuesday Tournaments: 7 pm start at Locos Bar (7 Miskin St, Cardiff CF24 4AP), 5k starting stack, arriving early will get you an extra 500 chips. Blinds start at 25/50, with 20 minute blind levels before the break then 15 minutes after. There is late registration until the break is over at 9pm.

£5 entry, additional rebuy/add on for £5 and  will receive league points throughout the year.

Starting October 1st.

Any enquiries please ask on the facebook group or email

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