Paediatric Society

Interested in a career in paediatrics or want to find out more? Or simply, enjoy working with children? Then this is the society for you!

Cardiff University Paediatric Society (CUPS) is a multi-disciplinary student society for everyone with an interest in child health and well-being. We welcome students from all courses to explore and encourage a future career in paediatrics.

Throughout the year we offer opportunities for learning, teaching, volunteering and fundraising. This year we are planning to host our very first Annual National Student Paediatric Society Conference & Careers Event so please come along and see what a career in paediatrics may hold for you!

Our Volunteering Projects:

  • Asthma Aware is a community-based scheme where volunteers visit local schools and youth clubs in South Wales to teach young children about Asthma. 
  • Play Therapy is a new scheme based in the A&E department of UHW. Volunteers support children and families with the use of distraction techniques such as arts and crafts, imaginative play and puzzles. 
  • Flamingo Chicks gives children with disabilities and illnesses, such as cancer, a chance to enjoy ballet and dance lessons alongside their friends. Volunteers support the children within the dance classes.

Paediatric Research

Cardiff University Paediatric Society have teamed up with the Paediatric Trainees in CAVUHB to launch WORLD CUPS. The aim of this initiative is to encourage and facilitate active participation in research for undergraduate students interested in Paediatrics. If you have any ideas for research, QI or audit projects you would like to carry out please get in touch - All CUPS members will be sent projects throughout the year!

To find out more, follow us on social media and come to one of our upcoming events...

Facebook: @CUPaediatrics

Instagram: @cupaediatrics

Twitter: @CUPaediatrics

Please get in touch if you have any questions/feedback or ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!

CUPS Love xox

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