Hellooooooo physioooooooos!

Welcome to Physiotherapy At Cardiff Society.. or PACS! We are Cardiff University's student led society specifically for those beautiful, glorious, talented and banterful creatures - the physios. Whether you are a super-dooper-excited-keen-bean freshaaa, a 2nd year living it up before being unleashed on the welsh public on your first placement or a final year hero, bashing out dissertation and praying for your hopes of employment - PACS have your back boys and girls!!

We run a family system - 3rd years = grandparents, 2nd years = parents and fresh (1st years) are the babies. Throughout the year we want as much family support as possible, so you always have someone to turn to if in need of guidance, revision notes or even a loving hug from your 'mum' telling you everything is going to be okay! 

As a society we have socials throughout the year along with revision sessions coming up to exams. Hopefully this year we will be able to expand the opportunities available to society members, such as external speakers, Yoga classes and an end of year trip - all to be confirmed! We are planning to run more non-alcoholic socials this year also, so if you aren't as keen on the alcobevs, have no fear, we know a fantastic night can be had without it - with no hangover (or regret) the next morning!! Of course we cannot forget the end of year ball, the peak of our social calendar, this takes place usually at the end of May/start of June and it's always a fantastic evening which brings the three cohorts together, along with those lecturers who are good enough (brave enough) to get involved! 

With your membership you get access to our PACS clothing (hoodies and polos), along with reduced price for social tickets, access to revision sessions, reduced End of Year Ball ticket, Special offers on gym membership and you will become part of our family system. 

Basically this society is all about getting involved, meeting folks from all years of physio, getting to know your elders (who may be kind enough to lend you their DOPS folder - good behaviour required), feeling supported and most of all making your time as a student as memorable as you possibly can. Depending on the social, sometimes those memories may be a little hazy - but hey, all good fun regardless!! 

See you in September and GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW!

Physio Love

PACS Committee xxx

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  • PACS Standard Membership£8.00


  • Physiotherapy Ball Ticket 2020£35.00
  • Physiotherapy Ball Ticket Non-member£40.00