Ornithological Society

Ornithological Society

The Cardiff University Ornithological Society (bird club) is for those with an interest for birds and all things feathery. We base our activities around the study and appreciation of birds with events that aim to educate and enrich our understanding of birds and their fascinating behaviours. Bird club hosts trips to see and get close to some amazing species of bird, and facilitates the furthering of people’s ornithological interests and careers, with talks by bird researchers and bird ringers. CUOS is also an opportunity to meet with people who have similar interests and to get involved in the conservation and support of a species that many people love. We welcome anyone, no matter your experience- from those who are just starting out, to fully-fledged twitchers. 

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Bute Park Nature Walk
25th October
Front of SU (Steps)
Come along and see what wildlife we can find in the heart of Cardiff


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