Calling all Neuroscience enthusiasts!

We aim to create a Neuroscience-aligned community across the university, to further interests in Neuroscience and offer time for students to enrich their time here and make the most of it. Exposure to real-life research and scientific skills are another way we hope to get students to enjoy learning and not to forget a good balance of socials and stress busters to unwind from their studies.


Some of the things you can look forward to this year are:

    🧠NeuroSoc Journal Club Wednesdays   

    🧠NeuroSoc Coding Club Thursdays

    🧠Regular socials like Bowling and sports

    🧠Continuing academic talks as part of our monthly neurological Health Hotspots

    🧠Trips to Research Centres like CUBRIC

Our membership will be £2 for the year.











Open to ❓ or 🔄Feedback you have:


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  • Neuroscience Society Standard Membership£2.00




Brainwaves Bulletin Articles


Neural Rhythms, Clues in Time unveil Early Alzheimer's Signs Before Memory Decline

A discovery beyond the Hippocampus could hold the key to early Alzheimer's diagnosis

Thu 25 Apr 2024

Welcome to the Cardiff NeuroSoc Journal!

Wed 28 Feb 2024


Want to be a member but not at Cardiff University?


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    07 Sep 2023

    This is a form for you to fill out if you are NOT a Cardiff University Student but want to join the Neuroscience Society. Please send the form to after filling it out If you have any questions, please email us.

The Committee

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Ira Ovalekar
Elected Wellbeing Officer
Isabella Caraiscos
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Social Media Officer
Ira Ovalekar
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Wellbeing Officer
Isabella Caraiscos