Neuroscience Society

We would like to welcome you to Cardiff University Neuroscience Society's page!

At present, there has never been a better time to study Neuroscience at Cardiff. The university was recently ranked 2nd in the UK for research excellence in this field of study and with a brand new Cubric building dedicated to Neuroscience research on campus, Cardiff University is undoubtedly one of the most exciting locations in the country to pursue your Neuroscience studies. Joining Cardiff University's Neuroscience Society allows students studying Neuroscience and related degrees an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the subject, subsequently gaining more understanding of their degree which we hope will lead to you attaining maximum enjoyment in the academic aspect of your time here at Cardiff.

We are a society ran by second and third year students and this year, we intend to involve members of the society in talks by neuroscientists presenting their own cutting edge research, as well as an opportunity to visit the new Cubric building. Joining the society is also a great way to talk to older and younger neuroscience students about your current topics of study, thus gaining a good support network within the neuroscience department. Socially, we will be arranging numerous opportunities to have fun as a society, such as a pub quiz and nights out together. For more information you can find us on facebook or email any of the committee for further questions.

We're excited to welcome you to our society this year!

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