All of our ensembles are non-auditioned, student-led, and open to all Music Society members!

For more information about any of our ensembles, please contact the Music Society Ensembles Coordinator, Wilf Dingle, head over to our Instagram and message us or the relevant ensemble.


Concert Orchestra: Who is it for? Any standard orchestral instruments. Some rep may call for others though so if you’re interested get in touch

Leader: Wilf DingleSocials: @cu.concertorchestra.


String Ensemble: Who is it for? Orchestral strings.

Leader: Wilf Dingle. Socials: @cu.strings.


Cello Ensemble: Who is it for? Cellos. 

Leader: Emma Hutchings. Socials: @cu.celloensemble.


Clarinet Choir: Who is it for? Clarinets, including Eb and bass. Rough ability level: All. Leaders: Seb Boot, Abigail Valentine. Socials: @cu.clarinetchoir.


Flute Choir: Who is it for? Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo. 

Leaders: Aileen Cleary, Emily Burton. Socials: @cu.flutechoir


Film and Game Orchestra: Who is it for? Any standard orchestral instruments plus saxophones and drum kit. 

Leader: Talyn Fryers-Fogarty. Socials: @cu.filmandgame


Male Voice Choir: Who is it for? Male voices.

Leader: Theo Powell. Socials: @cu.malevoice


Pop Ensemble: Who is it for? Both vocalists and instrumentalists. 

Leaders: Georgia Meddick, Hannah May and Evie Loose. Socials: @cu.popensemble


Musoc and JazzSoc Ensembles

CU Singers: Who is it for? All voices (with some SSA arrangements). 

Leader: Grace Maskell. Socials: @cu.singers


Percussion Ensemble (New this Year!): Who is it for? Anyone! Even if you've never hit a drum before. 

Leaders: Wilf Dingle, Matt Barclay, Jimmy Yeung. Socials: @cu.percussion



School of Music

As well as all the student-led ensembles from the society, the School of Music offers a range of ensembles to become involved in. These include: Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Symphonic Winds, Contemporary Music Group, Gamelan, Pop Collective, Opera Ensemble, Cardiff University Collegium, Lanyi and Jazz Ensemble. These are all auditioned groups and please contact for more information.