MediCan Society

MediCan Society

MediCan is an innovative new society with the intention of bringing medical opportunities to the local community. We will be working with state schools in the area to assist young and ambitious students with getting into medical schools. There is a unnecessarily wide gap in both medicine applicants and students between state and public schools so we hope to support a healthy change by providing key skills and access to work experience that can otherwise be very difficult to obtain for many of these pupils. MediCan is currently striving to establish and expand a varied bank of easily available work experience opportunities and as a member, you can give back to Cardiff by meeting with healthcare professionals, offering helpful advice to pupils and watching these young people grow and succeed with a little aid.

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  • MediCan Society Standard Membership£1.00


Tea time at Ty Draw
3rd April
Ty Draw Lodge
Fancy being Mrs Potts? Be our guest and help us bring tea time to the older folks at Ty Draw Lodge for the afternoon. This event is a GIAG so get your tickets and come see what it’s all about!


  • Tea time at Ty Draw Wed 3 Apr 2019 - Students£0.00