Latin American Society

Welcome to the Latin American Society in Cardiff University!                                        

We are very excited of starting this new upcoming year and to get to know new members in our Society!

Since 2015, our society aims to bring together and create a community for existing Latin-American students studying at Cardiff University and to encourage non-Latin-Americans to be part of the society and to get engaged with the Latin American culture by hosting regular social events and meetings. In this occassion, we are preparing online events to keep you all together as a community. We also want to encourage awareness in members and non-members of the Society of socio-political and economical situation in Latin American countries. We would like to make you feel like at home and support your arrival for you to adjust to a different culture. Plus, if you are looking to practise your Spanish, learn more about Latin America or dance and get to meet very nice and heartwarming people, this is the place for you!

Last year we achieved several goals, such as holding a fundraising event for Amazon Forest, holding El Dembow Fiesta on a monthly basis with an attendance of up to 200 people, participating in Go Global through artistical performances, and reaching the Tier Silver Level, and much more!


This year, we are planning to have more fun, more gatherings (virtual/face to face ones), and more giveaways for you! As a member of our Society, you will enjoy of:


      1. Revolution

Exclusive deals for members, such as:

  • 40% off food
  • 2 for £10 Cocktails
  • £6 six shot sticks
  • £3 amstel
  • £1 coca cola

** 40% off food is valid on the entire food bill. Offers run at all times except after 9pm on Saturdays.


      2. Ride my bike

10% off in all the services (Food, drinks and bike services)


      3. Secondglanced

Need expert proofreading? Perfect your writing with a 15% discount on Secondglanced editing services.


      3.  Writefull

Get the best academic language feedback and widgets, straight into your Word document. Writefull can be used for free, but with their paid plans, you get to see all of the language suggestions and can use all writing widgets without limits. Our pricing is shown on this page: They are currently have a launch offer of 33% discount on their website, and they are happy to give our members an additional 10% discount on top of this.


Events for this semester 2021

  1. Day of the dead
  2. Speed date
  3. Latin talks (Spanish classes)
  4. Reggaeton parties
  5. Latin Karaoke

Soon, we will release our full calendar for this semester


Make sure to take a look to our Latinorama on our Instagram page to know the future events we will be having and QUE VIVA LATINOAMÉRICA!

Last update: 01 Oct 2021

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