Latin American Society

Latin American Society

Welcome to the Latin American Society in Cardiff University!

Introducing our most important event this year, the LatAm Research Symposium! Click the image for more information.


We are very excited of starting this new upcoming year and to get to know new members in our Society!

Since 2015, our society aims to bring together and create a community for existing Latin-American students studying at Cardiff University and to encourage non-Latin-Americans to be part of the society and to get engaged with the Latin American culture by hosting regular social events and meetings. We also want to encourage awareness in members and non-members of the Society of socio-political and economical situation in Latin American countries. We would like to make you feel like at home and support your arrival for you to adjust to a different culture. Plus, if you are looking to practise your Spanish, learn more about Latin America or dance and get to meet very nice and heartwarming people, this is the place for you!

Last year we achieved several goals, such as holding a huge fundraising event for the earthquake's victims in Mexico, holding Revs Fiesta on a monthly basis with an attendance of up to 400 people, reaching the Tier Gold Level within two years of existance, and much more! And this year we are planning to have more fun, more gatherings, and more giveaways for you! As a member of our Society, you will enjoy of:

  • 241 in Cocktails, £2.95 Amstel, £2.95 Magners, Double Ketel & Mixer £4, Food Offer 50% and more in Revolution*
  • 10% off in food, drinks and bicycle items in Ride My Bike coffee shop
  • 15% off in food in Queen Pepiada
  • 2 for £5 in Corona and Desperados, £3 in Stowford pints, £2.50 singles and £3.50 doubles on Bacardi Blanca, Negra, Smirnoff, Gordon’s and Johnnie Walker and La Bomba Cocktails in Kapu. Offers through the week and up until 11 pm on Friday.
  • Access to any of our events.

*50% off food is valid on Mains, Sandwiches, Pizzas and Burgers. The offer runs anytime except after 9 pm on Saturday.

Make sure to take a look to our Latinorama to know the future events we will be having and QUE VIVA LATINOAMÉRICA!


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  • Latin American Society Standard Membership£3.00


LatAm Research Symposium
4th June
Haydn Ellis Building, Cardiff University
A Research Symposium for all the disciplines, master students, PhD candidates and research staff from Cardiff University and GW4 Universities who have Latin-American roots or who are currently researching about Latin-America.

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Latin American Society New Committee 2019/2020

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