Labour Students Society

Angry about the way the UK's being run? Want to make a change for a more progressive future and meet others who feel the same?

Cardiff University Labour Students is the biggest political society at Cardiff University. We give our members the opportunity to meet high-profile politicians such as Keir Starmer, Angela Rayner and Mark Drakeford, tour the Senedd, engage in regular socials and much more! We also work with the wider Labour Party, campaigning for our local MPs while taking part in Young Labour, Welsh Labour Students and Welsh Labour conferences. Aside from being a great way to get involved in politics, our society is also a great place to make like-minded friends with a wide variety of socials.

Planned events for the year include:

  • Campaigning for the Welsh Labour Party in Cardiff and beyond!
  • Socials - From Pubs to Parks to Pontypridd!  
  • Our guest speaker series, hearing from political giants across the movement.
  • Trips to the Senedd, the Westminster Parliament and Welsh Labour Conference.

And many other great opportunities that only Cardiff Labour Students can offer. So why not join us today?

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