Korean Society

This is the society of current and prospective Korean students and those who are interested in Korean culture.
Our goal is to make Koreans in Cardiff feel at home, as well as welcoming non-Koreans to learn more about the Korean culture!
For Koreans studying here, either for their undergraduate/postgraduate degree or just for one year, you are welcome to come and chat with other natives and make some new friends!

We hope to revive the society and make it as enjoyable and social as possible!

We have many ideas for the 2022-2023 year such as Kdrama/kmovie screenings, language classes, KPOP club nights, pot lucks, and much more :)

We are always open to new suggestions so feel free to DM our instagram with ideas!
We hope we can become an accomodating place for both Koreans and non-Koreans alike! 

To find out more follow us on our instagram

Hope to see you guys from September :)

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