Krishna Society

At University we are all looking for something....

Free food, meeting new people, true love, new experiences, more free food and maybe a degree along the way! 

But how many times do we take a step back to question what we really want out of life?

Is life simply a game of wanting more, more then some more and then you die? And what does it mean to be truly successful?

The aim of the Cardiff Krishna Consciousness society is to bring spirituality into the 21st century for everyone regardless of who you are.

We will be inviting inspiring speakers to have interactive discussions on everything from habits to relationships to studying to philosophy and so much more. There are over 20 Krishna Consciousness Societies around the country and there are many opportunities to get involved with inter university events where you can do anything from painting, feeding homeless people, drama productions to trips abroad as well as meeting some really cool people.

If you are looking for something different, this is what you have been looking for!

"You were born an Original. Don't die a Copy".

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