Japanese Society

Who are we?

We are a society that focuses on having a good time and creating lifelong friendships. Our members are students from across the world; international students and home students alike are welcome to join our society. We mix aspects of our different cultures, primarily British and Japanese, together to create a new environment for students to meet others with similar interests.

What do we do?

"We organize a wide range of activities throughout the year, such as weekly socials, language/conversational exchange meetups, movie nights, game nights, and more, to help you meet new people and immerse yourself in Japanese culture within a comfortable and welcoming environment. In short, we're here to have fun 😉."

“Can I join? I’m not Japanese”

As mentioned earlier, we are open to everyone and will have English at every event, so don't worry.

Social gatherings

We host one social each week. Here is a list of the socials we will hold:
Games Night: This includes a range of activities from Uno to quizzes, making it a fun-filled evening.
Pub Social: Join us for a great time with new friends, whether you drink or not! We welcome everyone to come along and enjoy the social atmosphere.
Movie Screening: We'll be running movie polls on our Instagram Stories, so be sure to keep an eye out and cast your vote.
Activity: Sometimes we need a break from the norm so we do something different like bowling.

We hope to see you at our next event!

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  • Japanese Society Standard Membership£5.00