Japanese Society

Japanese Society

Cardiff University Japanese Society is all about having fun. We are a society that blends a mix of primarily British and Japanese cultures, and many different aspects from each culture are drawn upon – such as cuisines, customs, films, games, sports, etc – in order to provide our members with new and enjoyable experiences that they may not otherwise be able to have in their country of origin. 

We have a large range of events on throughout the year to ensure we have something for everyone:

- If you enjoy the social atmosphere and want to make some friends and great memories we have at least one social event per week, with many extra events throughout the course of the term such as collaborations with other MLANG societies, Halloween parties, Cocktail parties, and of course, The MLANG Gala!

- If your degree is more important to you than the pub, well then who can blame you? We have joint seminar events lined up with the fantastic staff at MLANG, and in the past we have had speakers ranging from headhunters, Japanese judges, researchers, and more. In addition we are often contacted by recruiters so we can help with your job hunting as well.

- If you're primarily looking to improve your language skills, whether it be in English or in Japanese, we will have a conversation class every single week where you can be paired with someone of a similar level to you to gain valuable experience actually having conversations in the language you are trying to learn. We will be catering from beginners to advanced level English and Japanese and everyone is very welcoming, so there's no pressure. We all want to improve!

- If you're not much of a drinker, then don't worry at all. Unlike many other Societies and Clubs there is little to no pressure to drink within the Society's socials, and many people come and drink soft drinks: All are welcome! We also have many non-alcoholic socials such as movie nights, sit down meals, paintballing etc.

If you join the Society, please ensure you Join our Facebook group, as this is where all of our events are advertised and this is where the majority of the community is active. If you have any questions please contact us via e-mailFacebook Page, or Line Mobile Page.

If you're into gaming or you want to practice your conversation skills online, you can also join our Discord server!

We hope to see you soon!

Love from all of the Committee,
Cardiff University Japanese Society

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  • Japanese Society Standard Membership£5.00


  • Totoro - Film Night with K Choreo and Abacus Sat 14 Mar 2020 - Members£1.00