Help For Homeless Society

Welcome to Cardiff's Help for Homeless society!

Our goal is to help alleviate homelessness in Cardiff. As a society, we organise a lot of varied events and split our activities into three sections.

  1. Fundraising - pub quizzes, movie nights, and our biggest event of the year, the Big Sleepout (100% of proceeds go to charity)
  2. Helping local community food banks and shelters - running food drives and collection stalls in the SU to deliver and distribute to charities and rough sleepers 
  3. Awareness campaigns and outreach work to spread the word about the problems of homelessness in Cardiff and ways that we as students can have a positive impact

We host regular events for our members to meet-up, discuss ideas, and enjoy finding new ways to help those in need of a helping hand from time to time. We are open to collaborations with other societies who also want to help the homeless community in Cardiff.

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