Healthcare Drama Society

Cardiff Healthcare Drama Society is the award-winning society for anyone doing any course, who loves all aspects of drama. We welcome people with all levels of experience and have offered a wide range of projects to excite anyone interested in performing arts. 

In recent years we have written and performed two original musicals and orchestrated several COVID-19 friendly projects to stay engaged with drama in a safe way. 

This year we will be offering the opportunity to get involved in two amazing projects. 

  • The Observatory - This original, celestial themed musical will be performed in December 2021. With an intimate cast of only 12, this musical will take you on an emotional rollercoaster through the stars. 

  • Cathays Anatomy - Our third medical musical is a wacky, outrageous story of two newly qualified doctors and their thirst for fame. This big house musical provides witty comedic moments and dance breaks that’ll knock your socks off. 

Both musicals will be auditioning performers at the start of the academic year, so keep an eye on our social media.  People interested in backstage roles such as set and costume design please get in touch. Both shows require a live band so musicians please also get in touch if you would love to get involved. 

As well as these two projects we will be running some fun, exciting and inclusive socials that will be major highlights in your social calendar. 

If you are interested in HDS please follow us on social media and drop us a message! 

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  • Healthcare Drama Society Standard Membership£5.00