Healthcare Drama Society

Cardiff Healthcare Drama Society is a platinum tier and award-winning society (Cardiff SU - Small Society of the Year 2022) for anyone doing any course, who loves all aspects of drama. We welcome people with all levels of experience and have offered a wide range of projects to excite anyone interested in performing arts and backstage/production/crew work.


In the past years, Healthcare Drama Society has put on a range of projects and shows such as The Addams Family : The Musical (2023). We are known for our originally written productions: Met By Moonlight (2023), Cathays Anatomy (2022), The Observatory (2021), Book of Medicine (2020), and A Bedside Story (2019). 


This year we will be offering the opportunity to get involved in some amazing projects :

Walls Could Talk  


A compelling new show, written by members of HDS. With a cast of 12 (both singing and non-singing roles available), we see what goes on behind closed doors, as the protagonists search for strength in vulnerability, looking to reclaim power. Join us on this emotional journey of empowerment.


Back to the Suture 


Glenn Dale’s life is turned upside-down when a car accident takes him straight to the operating theatre. Led by the imposing Mr Shackleton, the surgical team welcomes its newest recruit, Laura Henderson, whose burgeoning friendship with nurse Teddy Foster is strained by the surgeons’ bravado.
A new diagnosis puts Glenn back on the operating table, but a twist of fate traps Laura and Teddy in a Groundhog Day-esque time loop of the operation day!

The surgeons lock horns with the rest of the multidisciplinary team as Laura and Teddy desperately try to escape the loop in the latest originanlly written comedy medical musical from Cardiff’s Healthcare Drama Society.


Halls of Ivy 


HDS is bringing something new with our first self-written play. ‘Halls of Ivy’ brings you the story of Billy, a nice kid struggling to find himself whilst facing issues both at home and school. You will be guided by the narrator along his journey which, though fictional, might have something to teach you. With bullies, twists, romances and addiction all throughout, this is a play you don’t want to miss.


All shows will be auditioning performers this academic year, so keep an eye on our social media.  People interested in backstage roles such as set and costume design please get in touch. Both shows require a live band so musicians please also get in touch if you would love to get involved. We usually rehearse at the students union or Heath park campus and meet 1-3 times a week depending on the schedule. 

As well as these projects we will be running some fun, exciting and inclusive socials (such as Open Mic Night, Pub Crawls and the Annual Tour) that will be major highlights in your social calendar.

If you are interested in HDS please follow us on social media and drop us a message!

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