Welcome to GRIMsoc, Cardiff University’s best and longest running alternative and metal music society!
We pride ourselves on being the loudest music society the university has to offer, catering to fans of all genres of alternative music, whether that be Goth, Rock, Industrial, Metal or anything else! We meet regularly throughout the year, visiting various establishments throughout the city, as we are available to offer our members substantial discounts at Cardiff’s finest alternative venue. We also let you know of any alternative/metal gigs happening in Cardiff and can usually arrange a group to go together!

GRIMsoc also holds plenty of yearly events. First Semester will see the return of the legendary Halloween House Party. During Second Semester, we host the Alternative Ball along with other alternative music societies in Cardiff, a chance to dress up and party in your finest formal wear.

We attend a weekly Monday quiz night as the Galactic Cucumbers, where we hope to improve on last years 2 wins! So far the Galactic Cucumbers have won once this year!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us and get in touch on our Facebook page. We hope to rock out and headbang with you soon!

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