GP Society

GP Society

Welcome to Cardiff University's GP Soc - a society set up for those with an interest in all things GP related!

We are a student-led group working in close contact with the Royal College of GPs and many GPs in Wales. Together, we will offer our members:

  • An insight into life as a GP
  • Information on how to become a GP and what this may entail
  • Small group discussions and larger talks, both with fellow society members and GPs, including those with special interests, locums and those who work abroad
  • Invitations to national events such as the Royal College National Conference
  • Opportunities to enter national competitions such as article publishing
  • Opportunities to attend surgeries and community work
  • Electives advice and events
  • Revision sessions
  • A GP Soc Newsletter to keep you up to date with society news

We hope to see you at our upcoming events to help continue to spread the word about the diverse range of opportunities that a career as a GP can offer you!


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  • GP Society Standard Membership£2.00