Finance and Trading (Investment Society)

Finance and Trading (Investment Society)

Welcome all to the Cardiff University Finance and Trading Society!

The Finance and Trading Society at Cardiff University is a student-run association for those interested in the financial markets. The society can be used as a platform for individuals who want to gain more knowledge with regards to current economic, finance and political affairs as well as the practical skills of financial trading. The society provides a variety of unique activities and opportunities for interested and motivated students, who want to stand out and boost their CV for future career prospects. 


Activities and opportunities include:

  • The Trading Academy - learn how to trade financial markets
  • Equities Academy - Stock market research (Bloomberg Terminals)
  • Sales Academy - Learn the art of selling and how to influence people
  • Break into Finance - Careers Workshops
  • Discussions of finance, politics and economic related topics
  • Trading Competitions
  • Football Team
  • Meet and greets with Companies (E.g. HSBC, PWC, Lloyds, Goldman Sachs, UBS etc.)
  • Become an author for our University Finance Magazine


The Finance and Trading society welcomes students from all backgrounds of the university and no prior experience is needed. We also maintain a healthy social life and the environment is always friendly and inviting.

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Come join us!


Upcoming Events:

  • UBS guest talk (20th of november), by Paul Oates Executive Director at UBS
  • Equity pitch night, 30th of November with judges including a Sainsburys Executive. 
  • Trading Academy Run weekly on Monday, 6pm at the P.T.C
  • Sales academy, weekly on Tuesday, 6pm at the P.T.C
  • Equitity Academy, weekly on Thursday, 6pm at the P.T.C


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  • Finance and Trading (Investment Society) Standard Membership£10.00
  • Finance and Trading (Investment Society) Standard 3 Year Membership£15.00


  • Trading Mon 5 Oct 2015 - General£1.00

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