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Welcome, all to the Cardiff University Finance and Trading Society!

The Finance and Trading Society at Cardiff University is a student-run association for those interested in the financial markets. The society can be used as a platform for individuals who want to gain more knowledge with regards to current economic, financial and political affairs as well as the practical skills of financial trading. The society provides a variety of unique activities and opportunities for interested and motivated students, who want to stand out and boost their CV for future career prospects. 

Activities and opportunities include:

  • Break into Finance - Careers Workshops
  • Discussions of finance, politics and economic related topics
  • Trading Competitions and various other stock pitch competitions in London.
  • Meet and greets with Companies (E.g. PwC, Lloyds, Goldman Sachs, UBS, TradingView etc.)
  • Guest talks

All academies are tailored in a way that would prepare you for a career in Banking & Finance. Weekly markets sessions would help you understand the macroeconomic environment which is very essential when creating any kind of research reports and the equities academy taking you through the basics of corporate finance (modelling etc.) and financial analysis.

Breakdown of Semester 1, 2023/24:

- Week 1: Introductory meet

- Week 2: OC&C Consulting Networking Event at the Botanist, Cardiff. This event gave 60 of our members the opportunity to network with senior strategy consultants and recruiters in the consulting industry. See here

- Week 3: BankPath talk hosted by Henry Mort who is a J.P. Morgan Corporate Analyst and shared his advice on breaking into banking. Henry's Profile | BankPath

- Week 4: L&G Partnership event, talk with their Financial Director Gary Leeds and networking drinks 

- Week 5: Reading week 

- Week 6: AmplifyMe trading simulator event hosted by James Burns. There were 2x 1hr trading session on Asset Management and Global Markets with each participant receiving their scores and certificates at the end based on their performance which can be added to their CV, LinkedIn and achievements portfolio. James' Profile

- Week 7: Talk with Maksim Shymanovich, a senior manager within the international growth division at TradingView and is also amongst the team leading partnerships in Europe. Maksim shed great light on the FinTech industry, inspiring our members and teaching them what the industry is really like and why it should more considered more when applying to graduate jobs. Maksim's Profile

- Week 8: Talk with Steve Russell, a PPE at Oxford University graduate who went on to manage £5bn in equity funds by the age of 30 and is currently an Investment Director at Ruffer. Steve's experience and wisdom was of great value to our members, with his advice and knowledge providing great insight to what the industry and lifestyle of a high finance worker is truly like. Steve's Profile

- Week 9: Partnership event with Crowwd, a new social platform providing investors to connect, learn, and share investment information. Our members will be using Crowwd in Term 2 to publish their research and predicitions, in which they'll receive a credibility score and can be used to showcase thier findings and forecasts. Crowwd

The Finance and Trading society welcomes students from all backgrounds of the university and no prior experience is needed. We also maintain a healthy social life and the environment is always friendly and inviting.

For more Information contact us via email:, Facebook, Instagram or James Redwood

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  • Finance and Trading Standard Membership£5.00