Finance and Trading (Investment Society)

Welcome, all to the Cardiff University Finance and Trading Society!

The Finance and Trading Society at Cardiff University is a student-run association for those interested in the financial markets. The society can be used as a platform for individuals who want to gain more knowledge with regards to current economic, financial and political affairs as well as the practical skills of financial trading. The society provides a variety of unique activities and opportunities for interested and motivated students, who want to stand out and boost their CV for future career prospects. 

Activities and opportunities include:

  • Weekly Markets Sessions & Trading Academy - Learn what’s driving the financial markets around the globe, a weekly session where we discuss and analyze current macroeconomic events and learn how to trade in the financial markets.
  • Equities Academy - Learn through basics of equity research such as researching securities of companies in various industries (TMT, Industrials etc.) conducting primary research on a company’s financials, industry position etc. and creating an investment thesis, ultimately to give a recommendation (buy/sell/hold).
  • Become an analyst for the Global Markets Research team

Global Markets Research Team, working in conjunction with the Equities academy, creating quality both macroeconomic and equity research reports, where the fundamentals taught in equities academy are put into practice.

  • Break into Finance - Careers Workshops
  • Discussions of finance, politics and economic related topics
  • Trading Competitions and various other stock pitch competitions in London.
  • Meet and greets with Companies (E.g. HSBC, PwC, Lloyds, Goldman Sachs, UBS, etc.)
  • Guest talks

All academies are tailored in a way that would prepare you for a career in Banking & Finance. Weekly markets sessions would help you understand the macroeconomic environment which is very essential when creating any kind of research reports and the equities academy taking you through the basics of corporate finance (modelling etc.) and financial analysis.


The Finance and Trading society welcomes students from all backgrounds of the university and no prior experience is needed. We also maintain a healthy social life and the environment is always friendly and inviting.

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  • Finance and Trading (Investment Society) Standard Membership£5.00


  • Trading Mon 5 Oct 2015 - General£1.00